Wednesday, 30 November 2011

OPI Need Sunglasses?

I thought this colour brings a bit of summer to winter, it certainly brightened up the office at work today! This colour isn't for everyone but I personally love it :) I think I did have to use about 3-4 thin coats of this to achieve this look though, but I think it's worth it! Takes a fair while to dry but I'm ridiculously impatient when it comes to waiting for polish to dry.. xx

Friday, 25 November 2011

OPI Gone Gonzo & Alpine Snow

Okay so today my swatch is on OPI's Gone Gonzo from the Muppets Glitter Collection. On the photo to the right I first used 1 coat of Alpine snow just to get a base layer so the blue would stand out more. I then used 3 coats of Gone Gonzo to make it fairly bold. I wore this colour for nearly 2 weeks without it chipping! But the worst part was removing the colour. I think I probably spent nearly 1 hour trying to take this colour off, it was so stressful! Although the photo really doesn't do it any justice, It's an aqua/turquoise rich sea blue which is stunning with silver large and small silver glitter pieces. Definitely a statement nail polish! xx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

OPI Glitter Muppets Collection

Just thought I'd show you the Muppets Collection Glitters! I'll be swatching and reviewing these soon! They all retail at £10.50 each :) xx

OPI DS Coronation

Helloo! Second post this week, you must be lucky! This is another colour from the Designer Series which all polishes from this range retail at £16.75. I love this colour but to be quite honest it did chip fairly easily! And you'd think from paying a lot of money for a polish it would last a bit longer. The photo really does not do this colour any justice, as it's so holographic and colourful! A completely gorgeous colour and I think I used 3 coats. xx

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

OPI DS Temptation

Hello! This post and swatch is for OPI's Designer Series Temptation :) Firstly, this colour is a beauty! I think I used 3 coats but it possibly could've been 4, as on the first and second coat it looks fairly odd so you may need a few, depending on what you like! This polish retails at £16.75 on BeautyBay but I'm sure you'll find it cheaper on a trade website if you are buying in bulk. This colour is a deep glitter purple with tiny blue glitter pieces! My major plus for this polish is that it dries so quickly which is very handy! xx
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