Wednesday, 28 December 2011

MAC Brush Cleanser

MAC Brush Cleanser Review - Before & After

I heard a lot of different views and opinions of this brush cleanser, but I thought I'd give a go anyway as MAC hasn't really let me down before! I haven't tried any other brush cleaners just because I haven't got around to it but I'm sure there's plenty out there. This one retails for £8.50 and I can assume it will last for a very long time.

What I first did was tipped a fair amount of liquid onto some tissue paper (try to layer the paper as you don't want it to rip) and then spin the dirty brush in a circular motion so you get all the makeup off from all angles. As you can tell, the 188 brush was fairly mucky from my liquid foundation, but that doesn't matter as a good cleanser should work through a good amount of build up. From the photo bellow you will see the results which I think is very good! It didn't get absolutely everything off of the brush but bearing in mind I hadn't cleaned it in ages! I  was very impressed with the results and would definitely recommend! :)

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