Thursday, 22 December 2011

MAC Studio Tech

I'm going start this post off by saying I love MAC products so I'm not just slating them for the sake of it! I have oily/combination skin type so I usually stick to oil free liquid foundations with a good powder etc... But I wanted to experiment and try this as a foundation, for me it doesn't work well at all. When I try and do a sort of sheer coverage, I find that It goes on patchy and doesn't cover up any of my red blemishes on my face (I have fairly red cheeks!). So I tried to build more coverage but it just ended up looking almost crumbly on my skin (I had a moisturiser and primer on underneath) which wasn't very pretty! But I was still determined to make this foundation work so I applied a light powder foundation on top but unfortunately this made no difference what so ever. I used NC15 which was chosen by a MAC artist in store so that wasn't why it may have looked strange on my skin.
For me, this didn't work at all and I probably won't be using it again, but I've read many reviews on the Studio Tech and they have nothing but good words to say about it so you never know! I first tried this foundation with my MAC 190 brush and then tried on a separate occasion using my 187 & 188 brush, which ever works best for your skin! If anyone has any suggestions about this foundation then do let me know :)

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