Sunday, 29 January 2012

Rockaholic Born To Rock

Looking for the best leave in conditioner, defrizzer & detangler? Here it is!! All I have to say about this is that it's my favourite hair product that I will never change... ever! As you can see, it's nearly empty *sadface* but I will definitely be buying a new one soon!

The bottle is 200ml and cost me £7.29 and I got it from beautybay, you can buy Rockaholic products at quite a few hair salons but most of the time it is cheaper to buy it online.

When I get out the shower I spray this all over my hair, brush it through gently and then yay all tangles are gone! It keeps my hair feeling soft as well so I don't need to bother with putting in any more products which is good.

I haven't found another detangler like this so I definitely will be sticking to this for a long time - and it smells so nice too! xx


  1. I found this in TKMAXX today for £4.99 :) xxx

    1. Ooo bargain, I often see some bedhead products in there! Especially shampoos for some reason ha xxx


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