Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, before and after :)

I bought this product a few months ago and I kind of got it on a wim as I couldn't really find many reviews on it, so I thought I'd do one myself. It's quite a small little container but a little bit of product goes a long way, and it's got a small brush like applicator which makes it easy to apply.

I purchased it for £16.50 from beautybay which I think is pretty expensive for what it is, but I guess you could pay more! The results for this product does actually make a difference to my lips, but as I have fairly bigger lips anyway I think it has less of an effect. It's meant to be a 'Lip plumping treatment for fuller, sexier lips. Lips will appear more plump, volumised and smoother' and it does just that!

In all honesty, once applied it does give me a fairly uncomfortable tingle for about 5 minutes, and I assume the more chapped your lips are then the worse it would be! But it's not unbearable :)


The result for me made the outside of my lips look a bit darker than the inner part, almost as if I'm wearing lip liner, but that soon fades away. As you can see from the result picture it has made my lips look fuller and more defined, but I think the product would work better with someone with smaller lips, although it will still make a difference :) x

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