Thursday, 9 February 2012

OPI Metallic 4 Life

Hey everyone :) so I was painting my nails this colour (from the Nicki Minaj Collection) yesterday afternoon, I was on my 3rd coat and then I get called saying that I have a job interview tomorrow, which obviously is great news but that means bye bye black nail polish! It was fair to say I was annoyed haha but instead of wearing Metallic 4 Life I used OPI Dulce De Leche which I will be showing you tomorrow :)

So I used 3 coats to achieve this look but you only really need to use 2 coats to achieve full a full coverage on the nail without it being a grey colour. I was surprised how Metallic 4 Life turned out as I thought the silver glitter pieces would be over ridden by the black base colour, but no no no my dear friends, it looks lovely! I've worn this colour once before and it does stay on the nail for a solid few days, possibly because of the glitter? It is was surprisingly easy to remove seeing as I usually dread taking off glitter polish!

Overall I am very impressed and it's definitely a beaut to my collection :)


  1. Hey, you've won the 'versatile blog' award! xx


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