Friday, 23 March 2012

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts recently - although I don't really have an excuse for it! Shame on me :(Today's post is going to be on MAC's Select Cover Up Concealer and I'm using shade NW20. I was toying whether or not to get NW15 as that is the colour I have in the studio finish, but although I am very pale I thought that was too light for me, and I'm very pleased I picked NW20 as it's perfect for me :)

The reason why I chose this concealer out of all of them is because I prefer a creamy concealer to  a solid formula (such as the Studio Finish). You get 10ml in the tube which is great as I probably use about half a pea size each time I use it, so it's going to last me forever! So it's lucky that I love it ha :)

The best way I find to apply it is to put a small amount onto my hand using the nozzle on the end (which is super nifty as it lets you dispense exactly the right amount of product that you wish to use). I then start applying it with the 195 brush as it makes it easier to get the product as close to the eye as possible. Once that is blended in with the brush and dry, I then apply another layer on top by dabing my finger on the area so it doesn't smudge what is already there and helps build better coverage.

Then ta daa! My dark eyes and imperfections are near enough gone! I also use this on certain parts of redness on my face, which it covers perfectly. I really really recommend this product and this is now permanently in my makeup essentials! I hope this worked this well for everyone else who has tried it or wants to try it! Lots of love xx

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