Friday, 27 July 2012

My Top 3 OPI Glitters

Hello everyone! As you all may be aware I have a crazy obsession with glitter and also with OPI polish, so a great thing is that OPI do an amazing range of glitter polishes - what more could I want! So I thought I would scour through my collection and pick 3 of my favourites to show you guys! 
Tadaa! In no particular order its Save Me (Nicki Minaj Collection), Teenage Dream (Katy Perry Collection) and Rainbow Connection (The Muppets Collection). The reason why I chose these 3 is because they are so versatile, you can pair them with so many things, apart from Teenage Dream which only works well with Pink polishes but I'm not complaining!
Save Me, Teenage Dream, Rainbow Connection
In Save Me and Teenage Dream they both have holographic flecks in them which I LOVE. They are quite sheer but extremely buildable so it has the best of both worlds. Rainbow Connection is such a cute glitter, as it has different sizes of flecks in the polish so you really don't have to apply much, and it will obviously pair great with ANY nail polish as it has nearly every colour of the rainbow in it!

Be warned though - If you are a newbie to glitters I would really recommend to not just slather lots of layers all over the nail as they are the most annoying and irritating things to remove!! What are your favourite glitters??? xox

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

OPI Nail Envy Original - Review

Hey everyone! Back to nail posts for a while... and I can promise you there will be a big OPI polish haul soon to show you guys, just you wait!

I've got fairy brittle, flimsy, thin (basically crap) nails, and as you may know, I work in retail so they are constantly getting knocked around and broken on a daily basis. I tried keeping my nails really short for a while to see if that helped the strength get back in my nails but that sadly didn't make a difference. It was definitely time to purchase something to bring my nails back to life.

The reason why I chose OPI Nail Envy Original was because I was already an existing OPI customer and LOVE all their other products I have tried, so I thought I may as well give it a go!
There are different variety of Nail Envy products in that range such as:
- OPI Nail Envy Dry & Brittle
- OPI Nail Envy Sensitive & Peeling
- OPI Nail Envy Soft & Thin
But I decided to go for 'Original' as I didn't want to target just one weakness in my nails. In all honestly I'm sure all those products work the same, but judging by some reviews some work better than others, but in my opinion I think it's extremely important to understand that it's peoples personal views, it doesn't necessarily mean that individual product will be crap on everyone!

I apply this product to my nails every other day (or as a base coat under nail polish) and I really have seen an improvement in the condition of my nails! They definitely feel a lot thicker and stronger and are less prone to breaking. OPI Nail Envy Original is 100% one of my must have products and would recommend to absolutely anyone! It also gives a great natural glossy finish to the nails and doesn't take long to dry.

The only reason why I would rate down this product is because it varying around the cost of £18 it's a very hefty price for the size of a nail polish bottle! Although I have been using it for a while now and it doesn't seem like the product is going down at all, as you don't need to apply much to the nail. I hope this has been helpful to some people and I would love to know any of your must have nail products! xox

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Heeey everyone! Just a quick post today :) After I finished work at 3:30 today I thought I haven't painted my nails in ages as I'm waiting for some new goodies for my birthday (19 days... not that I'm counting...) but I thought WHY NOT. In all honesty, I am very disappointed at my attempt to be somewhat 'creative' with this nail... I think I'll stick to my girly shades and glitter from now on haha!

I used OPI Did it on 'em and OPI You're A Pisa Work :) I will definitely be doing more nail post soon so be sure to check them out! Speak soon! xox

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

MAC Matte

Evening! Firstly, I'm not too keen on the name of MAC Matte... I just think it's so unimaginative and boring, but I guess that's me being picky! haha. Anyway! Lets get started... 
I bought this product a couple months ago now and haven't really had much intention of using it and it certainly isn't one of my 'daily must haves'. I originally got it as I thought it would be a great primer for my T-zone area as I struggle with oily/combination skin, and I've heard people rave about this product before, but it definitely works better for some more than others.

The first method of using this product is by using a eye blending brush I applied it onto my t-zone buffing it into the skin, then straight away applying my foundation. At first it makes your skin feel super smooth, but almost greasy, which isn't very good as I wanted something to help reduce the shine on my skin!

My second method of using this product was to use it as a primer on my lips - which I will carry on doing so! It gives a really great smooth base and I find that my lip products actually DO last longer. You can do the same on your eyelids before applying eye shadow.

It is a gel like consistency and buffs well into the skin, making foundation easier to apply. It does mattify your face when you apply but it's not great longwear throughout the day. I'll definitely be using up this tube but won't continue to apply to my face as I feel it really doesn't do anything for it, and for the price of £14 I probably won't be repurchasing :( but to cheer things up, have a picture of my pouting face with MAC Matte as a base!! Has anyone else tried this product? Lots of love xox

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

MAC Chocolate Brown Pigment

Pigment time!! Okay so this is the first full sized bottle of pigment I have bought, I previously had 5 mini versions which I believe are from the Tartan Tale Collection, my set was called 'Smoky Thrillseekers  Pigments/Glitter' but I might be wrong ha it was a long time ago! But anyway...

When I saw this online on the MAC website I thought it looked like the eyeshadow I've been missing! It's described as 'Chocolate/Copper Bronze' which in all honesty is exactly what it is, but I was hoping for a deep brown colour with now golden/bronze undertones which is exactly what it has :( It is a very medium copper brown colour which I personally do not like copper on my eyes as I find it just looks orangey (not just this pigment, other eye shadows too!)

It is very pretty and shimmery and I will most definitely be using it all up, I am disappointed that it isn't exactly what I thought it would be, also bearing in mind it is £16.50, so is it really worth it?? It comes with a little plastic lid which is handy for when you open the bottle the pigment doesn't go everywhere!

(L) Twinks, (R) Chocolate Brown
As pictured above, I think that it is a very similar to MAC's eye shadow in Twinks. The orangey undertones are extremely alike to each other, although the Chocolate Brown Pigment presents more of a shimmery sheen, but pigments are also a lot harder to blend (just in my opinion)
Well I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be speaking to you all soon! Lots of love xox
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