Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My Top 4 TIGI Bed Head Products

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's post will be on my top 4 TIGI Bed Head products. If you are a friend of mine then you will know that I have a shelf in my room FULL of Bed Head products, seriously, I can't even keep count. What first got me attracted to the brand is that I love the packaging, it's so cute and girly and really well presented. Some of the TIGI products can be a bit on the pricey side, but still very reasonable for great stock at Salons.

The following products are in no particular order, as I love them all the same!

TIGI Bed Head After Party: is a smoothing and frizz control cream for silky, shiny, healthy looking hair. I use this product without fail whenever I'm going for a night out. I straighten my hair, use this cream then hair spray! It makes your hair feel super smooth and gets rid of those annoying flyaway hairs. It retails for around £10.

Superstar Volumising Leave in Conditioner: I use this leave in conditioner after every time I wash my hair. Whilst my hair is still wet, I spray the conditioner all over, then use a heat defence spray (my favourite is Tresemme at the moment) then blow dry. I pretty much use this as a detangler, it works fab and smells amazing! It also makes your hair feel that little bit more smoother. Retails from £10 - £13.

Superstar Blowdry Lotion For Thick, Massive Hair: This is definitely one of my must have products when I'm getting ready for a night out. You apply a reasonable amount in your hand then apply to your roots and rub into the scalp. Then when blowdrying, use a roller brush and the amount of volume you get is incredible! There is no grease and it adds extra silkiness. It really makes a massive difference and if you're looking for volume then you need this lotion! Retails from £8 - £10.

Masterpiece Massive Shine Hair Spray: This hair spray is perfect for casual day use or going out and needing a good hold on your hair. It brushes out with ease and doesn't leave your hair feeling dry. The smell is nice and sweet and you don't need much for a great hold. Retails from £8 - £10.

Also, if you're looking for a good Bed Head Shampoo and conditioner, then you definitely need to try Urban antidotes Resurrection shampoo and conditioner. This is recommended for 'weak, brittle hair that needs an intervention'. What it does: 'Gives hair silky smooth, shiny results considered miracle-like on super damaged hair'. I can 100% say it does exactly this. I first used this shampoo and conditioner after I stripped my hair. I had really dark brown/almost black hair, and as I am naturally blonde, I decided I wanted to go back to being natural. My hair was left feeling extremely brittle and dry and honestly, this S&C was a god send!! It made my hair so smooth and repaired it to how it was way before I stripped the colour off. If you are struggling with damaged hair by colouring then this product is definitely for you! I have previously done a little post on this shampoo and conditioner here

I hope this has been useful! Have you tried any TIGI Bed Head products? What are your favourites? xo

Monday, 25 February 2013

CND Shellac in Gotcha

Hi all, as some of you may know I'm a qualified nail tech so am exploring the world beyond nail polish (sorry OPI) and my new love is of course CND Shellac.
Shellac is the original Power Polish - "14+ day wear. Mirror shine, zero dry time"

I think I have 12 of the shades but my collection is growing fast! Clients seem to LOVE this treatment as its great for your nails, it makes them feel so healthy and strong.

Today I thought I'd show you the shade 'Gotcha' it's a really cute medium bubblegum pink, I added pink glitter to the ring finger so add a bit of sparkle.

Have any of you guys had Shellac done at your local salon? Or wanted to try it? If any of you have any questions then please feel free to ask! Mimi xo

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Small Saffiano Tote

Hello everyone, hope you are all well! It's been so sunny in Devon yesterday and today which has put me in a great mood - everything's always better when it's sunny!! Today I'd like to show you my Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Small Saffiano Tote bag in black.

I got this bag for Christmas from my amazing boyfriend James (obviously I chose it, I wouldn't trust him with a task like that..). What drew my eyes to it was firstly that I don't actually have a black bag! Weird right?! I LOVE the gold hardware which you can find on most MK bags, it's never too over the top but also not too discrete. I love the look of the saffiano leather, it's a bit different and it's not as common as smooth leather.

On the inside it has 1 small zip pocket which I keep a mirror in and any receipts I get. On the opposite side there is 1 larger open pocket that I keep my lip balm/ lip gloss, power foundation  etc. It's surprising how much you can actually fit inside the bag but its got a solid flat bottom so it's great to lye things flat.

For me, this bag is the perfect size, I use it everyday for work to carrying all my essentials. I believe you can get this handbag also in medium and large. The only thing I would possibly change is that there is no zip on the top - it is just a gold clasp holding either sides of the bag together, which does look great but it's quite easy for people to see inside it but I'm not hiding anything so who cares haha!

Once again, thank you Michael Kors!! What do you guys thing of the Jet Set Travel tote? Do you have any MK bags? Why don't you check out my previous post on Jet Set Large Chain East West Tote here xox

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss - Radiant

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Lip Gloss in Radiant - Review

Hey ladies! Hope you are all well. I've heard some pretty bad reviews on this lip gloss so I thought I'd share my word to help you guys figure out whether it's worth buying. There are 13 different shades in the Lip Enhancing Gloss range and today my review will be on Radiant.

The first reason why I chose this one is because ALL my lip glosses are a sheer glittery pink so I wanted to mix it up a little. I was drawn to this shade as I love the thought of a purple-ish shade with gold flecks so it went from there! Smashbox describe this gloss as 'shimmery pink plumb' which is spot on! I prefer to wear this gloss on it's own as you really don't need a lipstick underneath, the gloss has enough colour and sparkle. It is still shear but definitely adds some colour to your lips.

It definitely does make your lips appear plumper but for me I didn't find it very noticeable, if you really are looking for a good lip plumper which is glossy I'd recommend Two Faced Lip Injection which I've previously posted here

I had a good 4 hours of wear from one application which for me is great as I usually just lick it off (weird I know?!). It's not sticky and is so shiny, a great formula. The one thing which could be worked on is the fly away bristles on the brush applicator, they do get annoying but it doesn't affect the application. Smashbox Lip Enhancing Glosses retail for £14 each. Have any of you lovelies tried a Smashbox lip gloss? What are your thoughts? xox

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara

Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara Review - Before and After

I haven't done a mascara post for a while, so I figured I'd show you my favourite one I'm currently  using. Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara in Blackest Black.

Smashbox describe this product as "an all-in-one mascara that lifts, lengthens, volumizes and defines." so basically everything we want a mascara to do! And I can honestly say I believe it does every single one of those things! It separates the lashes nicely without making them look too spider-leg like, it doesn't clump and there is no flaking after wearing it on your lashes for a while.

The wand is a typical hard plastic end with lots of small bristles. As you can see from the photo above, it has one strip where the bristles are longer than the others, from my opinion this is for adding the extra length to get right into the roots of the lashes.

I have only used 1 coat in the photo. What I love about this mascara is the length it gives my lashes, I don't even need to curl them before application! It gives them a great hold all day long and I will definitely be repurchasing after the tube is finished.

This Smashbox mascara retails at £19. A cheaper alternative for this product is Miss Sporty Studio Lash Mascara, which has a very similar wand, I've previously reviewed this product here which gives similar results. What's your favourite mascara? xo

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Jimmy Choo Pela Wedges

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are all well. I went to lunch at my local pub this afternoon with my boyfriend and have had a lovely relaxing day! I thought I'd share this post with you as I've had these shoes for a while now and I'm still totally in love! I got these for my birthday last August and have had a lot of use out of them when I went on holiday in October with my family to Barbados! Very lucky! I did a quick update of this holiday here

I believe you can still purchase these shoes online and they do a variety of colours with the cork wedge such as nude, black, blue, yellow(?), and snake skin effect.

My favourite part on these shoes has to be the gold end by the toes, it looks so gorgeous and it has 'Jimmy Choo' written on it, which is still visible when wearing them. Since wearing these a couple of times I am very annoyed, as the gold colour seems to have worn off a bit, so please be weary when wanting these shoes and definitely take good care of them. I chose this suede brown as I thought it would go with the majority of my clothes, as I wear a lot of beige/cream it would match perfectly.

The heel height on these Pela wedges are 130mm (5.1 inches) and a 35mm platform. They are effortly easy to walk in and don't hurt my feet at all. The t-bar makes your feet feel really secure so there's no way you'll feel like you're walking out of them.

I'd love to know what you guys think of these Jimmy Choos as I'm completely in love! Or if you ladies have any shoes that are completely to die for? xox

Thursday, 24 January 2013

MAC Dazzleglass - Steppin' Out

MAC Dazzleglass Steppin' out - Review

Afternoon ladies, I was rummaging through my makeup desk earlier and stumbled across this lipgloss and couldn't believe that I haven't already done a post on it!! I got this gloss for my birthday last August and I don't understand why there is so much profuct left in the tube as I've used it ridiculous amounts.. well that's a good start!

First off I'm going to say how gorgeous is this colour! I saw this in the MAC store near me and under the lights it look fantastic so I was instantly drawn to it (there came dad with his card for my birthday!! he was thrilled of course). There's no particular reason why I chose Steppin' Out over the other fabulous shades, I'm just very much drawn to pink shiny glittery things!

Dazzleglass' retail at £17.00 each for a 2.4ml tube. I believe there are 17 shades in the permanent collection but please don't hold me to that! MAC describes Steppin' Out as a 'clean yellow pink with red pearl' which I would slightly disagree with as I don't see any red shimmer or red undertones, if anything it is more pink and blue particles! The shine on this gloss is fantastic, although very annoying when it's a windy day as your hair will definitely get stuck to your face!

When applying this lipgloss it does feel a bit heavy, but doesn't feel overly sticky and you can't feel any grit from the glitter. It sparkles so well in any light so is bound to stand out. I like to wear this gloss on it's own but would go perfectly on top of a blue based lipstick, such as MAC Naughty Saute.

I'd love to know if any of you bloggers have tried MAC Dazzleglass before and what are your thoughts? I'd highly recommend going to a store and trying one out - you won't regret it! xox

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Michael Kors Jet Set Large Chain East West Tote

Hey everyone, it's been way too long since I last blogged but I'm definitely wanting to get back into it again, starting with showing you all my Michael Kors Jet Set Large Chain East West Tote handbag in cream & gold.

I got this bag October 2012 when I was in Barbados, they had the most amazing shopping mall and it was lethal for me to be there with my cards! My dad and boyfriend treated me to this bag as I fell in love with it instantly. Even the Michael Kors shop itself was luxurious, let alone all the products in there to drool over!

I was after a bag that would be acceptable to use in the evenings but I could also use it in the day.. the gold chains may be a bit too much for some peoples every day use but not me lol! It has a subtle MK logo chain attached to the bag which can easily be removed if desired. On the back of the bag it has a small pocket which is held closed by a small magnet clasp, on the inside it has one large zip pocket and on the other side it has 2 open large pockets.

The leather on this bag is amazing, it's the softest handbag I own and the quality is fantastic. It's great sized and is like a mary poppins bag, you can fit everything in it! I believe they also do this bag in tan, black and in a black snakeskin effect.

Since purchasing this bag I have also got the Michael Kors Small Jet Set Saffiano Travel Tote in black which will be making an appearance shortly on my blog! :)

I would highly recommend any MK bags as they are all high quality and I haven't experienced or know anyone who has experienced any problems with the brand. Happy shopping and I'd love to know what you all think of Michael Kors bags xox
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